2. Bundesliga Preview – Fürth vs Hamburg: Tough test for the Kleeblatt

By the time SpVgg Greuther Fürth and Hamburger SV take the field on Sunday, we will already have a sense of the impact on the ‘ghost games’ behind closed doors in the 2. Bundesliga, returning after a two-month break due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, this will be a strange experience for the twoContinue reading “2. Bundesliga Preview – Fürth vs Hamburg: Tough test for the Kleeblatt”

Arsenal prospect Mavropanos on lockdown alone in Nuremburg

Konstantinos Mavropanos, on loan at 1. FC Nürnberg from Arsenal, has spoken to the club’s official website about life in lockdown. Separated from his girlfriend and family, as well as his new teammates he admitted it had been “difficult” being on his own, even if he was able to keep in touch with them remotely.Continue reading “Arsenal prospect Mavropanos on lockdown alone in Nuremburg”

Dresden coronavirus cases highlight issues with football’s return

When the ball rolls in the 2. Bundesliga again this weekend, only 16 of the 18 teams will be involved. This is because the entire Dynamo Dresden is currently in quarantine after three players tested positive for COVID-19. Their case has exposed the foolhardiness of the DFL and its club of bringing back football inContinue reading “Dresden coronavirus cases highlight issues with football’s return”

Osnabrück: Where Has It Gone Wrong?

In light of everything that’s happened in the past couple of months, it’s easy to forget just where we got to in the 2. Bundesliga before the stoppage in the middle of March. It’s fair to say that Daniel Thioune and his VfL Osnabrück side would have rather done just that given the state theyContinue reading “Osnabrück: Where Has It Gone Wrong?”

Planning for next season begins

The go-ahead to play the remainder of the 2019-20 season was only received on Wednesday (6 May), however the certainty this creates allows three clubs to start making plans for next season, with some big decisions. SV Darmstadt 98 got things started on Thursday by signing four players down to new deals. Three members ofContinue reading “Planning for next season begins”

2. Bundesliga for Dummies

The announcement of the Bundesliga’s return this weekend has cause much excitement, albeit mostly internationally. But it is not the only league returning this weekend. The second tier, the 2. Bundesliga (“zweite Bundesliga”, or more commonly in English, Bundesliga 2) also resumes with teams having nine games left to play. If you’re on this blogContinue reading “2. Bundesliga for Dummies”